As you may know, the “essence” skincare category was created in Korea and basically consists of ultra-concentrated liquids or lotions packed with active ingredients that improve the overall appearance and health of skin. The hair equivalents function in much the same fashion, coating the hair with nutrition while moisturizing to prevent dryness.

“Hair essences are similar to the essences you put on your skin because they’re very lightweight—they’re not heavily oiled serums,” she says. “They really help with shine, volume, and making your hair feel soft.”

While you may be hesitant to add *yet* another step to your haircare regimen, the beauty of an essence is that its feather-light consistency means it layers really well with other products. Not to mention smells lovely and will leave your strands feeling refreshed, plus shiny. The latter of which we can’t really say for dry shampoo, can you? Below find three of our favorites:

1. Skinfood Apple Mango Volume Essence Hair Mist, $10;

2.Shisheido Fitit Aquair Moist Hair Pack Naoshi Essence, $29.35;

3. Missha Mild Essence Sun Milk, $18;

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