Land based casino is a popular theme for movies. This is only natural, because brick and mortar casinos are usually beautiful and luxurious places, with nice music, dance events, and pretty waitresses. Moreover, casino means money, so the plot of the movie can evolve around different stories – from love story to sophisticated crimes. 

So, little surprise there are some really iconic movies which have casino their main theme or location. Let’s check out the most famous of those movies.

Casino Royale (2006) 

Movies about the famous 007 agent James Bond are particularly popular and well-known, but a newly filmed Casino Royale of 2006 is among the best. The passion and the gamble are shown in a dynamic and intriguing way. 

The plot of the movie is based on the story of a a criminal who was a banker for criminals, but somehow failed and lost the money trusted to him in gambling. To retrieve the funds, he decides to organize an exclusive poker tournament, and being an expert poker player himself, is sure he will get the main prize. 

However, James Bond manages to outgame the criminal, who is eventually killed by his investors as being untrustworthy as a partner. 

Ocean’s Eleven (2001) 

This is the first of the three iconic movies about robbing the casinos. Danny Ocean and his friends start an impressive plan to rob three the richest casinos in Las Vegas, at the same time. 

In this movie, everything is brilliant. Firstly, the plot is clever, witty, and logical. It is hard to find a failure in the plot. Secondly, the characters are charming, and their dialogues can be saved for quotes. And thirdly, the movie is dynamic and beautifully shot. 

Ocean’s Twelve (2004) 

This second movie about the team gathered by Danny Ocean continues the story. The owner of the three casinos they robbed in the previous part wants his money back. So, the team goes on for another big robbery. However, they have a plan with a twist – to eat cake and have it. The movie is not exactly about casino, but is has this gambling air about it. 

Ocean’s Thirteen (2007) 

In this last part of the famous series, the friends get into an affair of revenge for their friend who was betrayed by a business partner. This movie has plenty of casino views, gambling, winning, and the insights into casino business. However, the characters don’t want just money – they are ready to give the money away to casino winners, only to make the revenge to the owner possible. 

Hopefully, you will enjoy watching those movies about land based casinos!

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