Gardening can be a very rewarding activity for the whole family to participate in during the unfortunate world quarantine. The Corona virus which has overtaken the world, has put a halt to life as we know it.

There are many benefits of gardening and now with hydroponics the timing and space needed is endless. Whether you would like to be outdoors or indoors, your choices are never ending. Gardening indoor can be fun while decorating your home in the process. There are many varieties of planters, grow tents, gardens and pots of all sizes and colors. Surely you will be able to find the right fit for your space. There are so many creative and planters to choose from as well as hydroponic gardens that have all you need for the perfect plants.

First of all, gardening is a great activity and can be equated to a brisk walk or time spent at the gym. Pulling weeds, digging, rota-tilling and mowing the lawn are all great ways to exercise while getting and keeping your garden in tip-top shape. Raking leaves or grass can burn over 100 calories.

Second, if you are gardening indoors using a hydroponic system, you will not have as much strenuous activity, but will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor, just the same. Hydroponic systems allow you to grow any type of plant, fruit, vegetable, herb or cannabis plants. Growing without soil; there is less mess and the maintenance is checking the nutrients and keeping the levels at the optimum level for the best yield. Outdoor gardening can always begin inside, by planting your seeds early in a household item such as; egg cartons, eggshells, paper towel or toilet paper tubes, yogurt cups or paper coffee cups. Many products are also available in stores or online. Then, when your outdoor garden is ready and the weather is ideal, move your seedlings to your outdoor space to flourish.

Third, you should involve your kids in the gardening process. Adding fun activities will keep your children engaged and raise their interest in the growing process.

-Create a journal with them that they can help maintain and enter their observations throughout the year. Help them learn about what you’re growing by writing, drawing and recording their thoughts, feelings and experience in the garden. Another great idea is to have them press leaves or flowers that they have grown into the pages of their journal.
-Making a scarecrow for the garden is always a fun activity for the whole family. An easy way to construct a scarecrow is to take 2 narrow boards and nail them together to make a cross. Stuff an old T-shirt for the head and band it around the top of the “cross.” Have your kids finish dressing and accessorizing him and then give him a name. Don’t forget to say “hello” when you pass him to get to your amazing fruits of your labor.
-Have your kids create note cards out of construction paper and add dried flowers or leaves on the front as decoration. Allow them to write notes inside to their favorite people (Grandpa, Grandma, a favorite Aunt or friend).

There are so many benefits to gardening at all times of the year, whether you need to start indoors, stay indoors or enjoy the outdoors from beginning to end. Appreciate the time you have to revel in your harvest and savor the flavor of your crops. Adding your children to the activity will just enhance the experience as well as family bonding. Enjoy!