Red is one of the favorite colors to wear – and this photo  is twice as inspiring to wear.

Some reasons to love red…

1. It really looks great on everyone. No matter skin tone or hair color.

2. Red is a real color. It’s kind of daring like yellow or orange, it really stands out – definitely not a neutral! But it also works so well with almost any color… blue, black, pink…

3. It’s the color of passion. And you know what they say, “be the change you want to see in the world” 😉

4. In a snowstorm, it’s like a light beam. Honestly, I could have done with this red coat yesterday. During a snowstorm, high visibility is key!

5. It never goes out of fashion. Red is always cool, it’s a timeless color that will always be “in”.

Do you wear red? What are some of your favorite red pieces?

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